Call For Villages Application

WHAT: ROOTCON 17 Call For Villages
WHEN: September 27, 28 & 29, 2023
WHERE: Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City
DEADLINE: May 10, 2023

Copy and paste below and send to [email protected]

1. Villages are not allowed to sell any items such as tools, gadgets, swags and the likes. If you really have something to sell you need to coordinate with comms and logistics.

2. Village sponsors you need to coordinate with comms and logistics.

3. Village exhibit should be coordinated and approved by the village review board.

4. Village exhibit should deploy safety protocols to ensure the safety of all con-goers.

5. Village exhibits must not cause any physical harm to any of the attendees.

6. Any talks that will be transpiring within villages will be approved by the Village Review Board.

7. Damages at the hotel or any injury to con-goers incurred by the village will be charged to the village organizers.

8. Attend meetings when called upon by the ROOTCON organizers.

9. ROOTCON will be assigning ample area at the venue for the village organizers.

10. ROOTCON will only provide two (2) human badges with meals. Accommodation, airfare and other expenses will be shouldered by the village organizers.

Village Name & Contacts

Village Name:

Primary village contact:
Email address:

Secondary village contact:
Email address:

Village Details
Why your village is important and relevant to ROOTCON? (Brief paragraph describing why your village is important and relevant to ROOTCON)

Describe your village (what does it have, what does it offer.)

Do you have any village talks or trainings?

Do you have any form of exhibits (Do have any items you plan to bring at the conference?)

Do you have any sponsors and or vendors?

By submitting the Village Application, you agree to abide to the rules and regulations implemented by ROOTCON Communications.