September 9-10, 2011 Parklane Hotel, Cebu City
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ROOTCON 101: by semprix and encrypted
Get to know what the folks at ROOTCON has been upto, the mission, the basics and all that cool stuffs.

Keynote: IPv6 Security Foiling The Hackers by: Lawrence Hughes of InfoWeapons
Security offered on IPv6 How to Foil Hackers

Console (In)Security: The Oncoming Storm by: Chris "@PaperGhost" Boyd
Increasingly, videogame consoles (and their creators) are becoming a primary target for individuals taking part in everything.

Zeus: The God of All... Cyber-Theft by: Roland Dela Paz and Jasper Manuel
When Zeus entered the threat arena, it quickly became eminent and has been the crimeware of choice for a wide range of cybercriminals.

Reversing Android Application by: Jonell "Jonez" Baltazar
With the introduction of Google Android driven smartphones, a lot of Android App markets emerged offering free and commercial applications where Google Android Market is unavailable..

Cyber Terrorism: Is the Philippines Ready For It? (Pending Presentation Upload) by: Atty. Al Vitangcol
Osama Bin Laden is dead. However, terrorism is still alive and kicking. As older groups are defeated or exhausted, more radical and more violent successors often take their place. Terrorism continually reinvents itself in new and more dangerous forms – including cyber terrorism.

Cyberwarfare and National Security in the Age of #Anti-Sec by: Sven Herpig
Knowing CyberWarFare and National Security in the age of AntiSec.

Introducing TDL4, a Sophisticated Fraudster's Rootkit by: Berman Enconado
Stealth—such is the nature of rootkits: those nifty little software that quietly slips inside systems without anyone noticing. They're dubbed as one of the most—if not the most—difficult pieces of programming ingenuity to be seen lurking on technologies that even the most powerful detection applications rarely spot.

Lock Exploitation Techniques by: Jolly Mongrel
This presentation is intended to educate and describe the inner workings of common lock mechanisms, methods useful to manipulate locks owned by or under full control of the person taking part of this con, and means to protect themselves from intruders possessing bypass techniques contained herein.

Sp0tting Web Vulnerability by: SunGazer
Spotting Web Vulnerabilities and few other stuffs ^_^.

Penetration Testing Web Application by: Whizkah
Pentesters use different approaches in pentesting web applications, some rely heavily on automated scanners, others on checklists and a few more on combined automated and manual testing. This presentation will present an approach on how to conduct web application penetration tests that allows the tester to align the tests and results to the clients goals and expectations.

Evilution Of Telephony by: PCr4ck
On these presentation it will give you a basic VoIP security, Evilution that emerge on the telephony.


Atty. Al S. Vitangcol III
Atty. Al. S. Vitangcol III is a practicing lawyer, a registered engineer, a contracts review expert, an academic scholar, an Information Technology (IT) specialist, and an automated elections guru.

He finished his undergraduate degree at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City and his Master of Science in Computer Science degree at the De La Salle University. He is the only lawyer in the Philippines with a formal education in IT and a solid IT working experience behind him. Currently, he is the Philippines' first (and only lawyer) EC-Council certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI). He was nominated to the 2007 Ramon Ozaeta Most Outstanding Lawyer Award, which is annually sponsored by the Philippine Bar Association (PBA).

He is the author of three books: 1) Computers for Lawyers, 2) technoLAWgy:A Lawyer's Guide to Information Technology in the Practice of Law, and 3) Legal Research in Practice. 

He is currently the managing lawyer of AVALaw. He is a former law professor at the Lyceum of the Philippines - College of Law and a former lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University – Graduate School of Business. He is a member of various local organizations and the Australian-based International Employment Relations Association (IERA).

Atty. Vitangcol is a sought after speaker at Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) seminars and other training fora. He lectures on such diverse subjects as Law and Technology, Electronic Legal Research, E-Commerce, Automated Elections, Computer Forensics, and IT Security.

Berman Enconado
Berman Enconado is a Senior Software Engineer for GFI Software, Inc., a security software company that provides IT solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). He has eight (8) years experience in the antivirus and info-sec industry functioning as a Malware Researcher & Analyst. Berman has given talks at several universities, such as the Mapúa School of Technology, to inform and warn students of online threats that are fast becoming more prevalent and complex. He is currently based in Manila where the Philippine office of GFI SecurityLabs, the research and development arm of GFI Software, is located.

Christopher "@paperghost" Boyd
Christopher Boyd is a Senior Threat Researcher for GFI Software, Inc. He is also a 6-time Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardee for Consumer Security and former Director of Research for FaceTime Security Labs. He has given talks at RSA, InfoSec Europe and SecTor, and has been thanked by Google for his contributions to responsible disclosure. Chris has been credited for finding the first instance of a rogue Web browser installing without permission, the first Twitter DIY botnet kit, and the first rootkit in an IM bundle. Chris is regularly quoted in relation to his work on gaming security issues.

Jasper Manuel
Jasper Manuel became part of Trend Micro Incorporated in May 2007. He is currently working as a THREAT ANALYST in Trend Micro's Threat Analysis Team, Core-Tech Department. He graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Manila, Philippines in April 2007.

Jolly Mongrel
Jolly Mongrel started his interest in lockpicking as a form of relaxation 5 years ago. He believes that secure systems need to be challenged (from time to time) to catalyze change and further secured for the benefit of the majority. :)

Jonell "Jonez" Baltazar
Jonez is a Researcher from Trend Micro, a leading IT security company with headquarter located in Japan.

Lawrence E. Hughes
Lawrence E. Hughes is a visionary in the information technology and computer security fields, with particular interest in secure digital communication and IPv6. An expert, with more than 35 years' experience in creating and developing security products, Mr. Hughes has a long history of being a valued consultant in various global security companies.

Mr. Hughes founded InfoWeapons Corporation to create high quality, simple-to-use, end-user tools as a response to the general lack of secure communication and IPv6 Ready tools currently available. He has authored the book “Internet E-mail: Protocols, Standards and Implementations”, having been heavily involved with Internet e-mail security for many years. His book is still one of the leading books on E-mail.

Prior to founding InfoWeapons, he was the co-founder (along with Jay Chaudhry) and initial CTO of CipherTrust in the US. CipherTrust is the maker of the IronMail™ Hardened E-mail Proxy appliance. Before that, he was a Senior Security Consultant at VeriSign where he created and taught their certification courseware internationally. All throughout his career, he has been constantly creating products and courseware in the areas of cryptography, digital signatures, digital envelopes, digital certificates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), secure transport protocols and secure E-mail, as well as hardened security appliances to protect digital communication.

Jack of all trades security geek, voice and data infrastructure design / installation / troubleshooting / security, analytical thinker, instructor, firewall developer / admin, IDS / IPS installation / rule writing/ administration / analyst / instructor

Semprix (The Fork Meister)
Semprix (The Fork Meister) has been playing with the hacking/pentest/infosec arena for almost 7 years now. He is currently working with Hewlett-Packard specializing in Webhosting technologies and security, he handles Patch and Incident Management roles and at the same time doing awesome things in running ROOTCON.

Sven "zedian" Herpig
Lecturer for Information- and Communication Technologies in the context of National Security and International Relations. Communications Consultant in the public sector. PhD Student in the field of 'Strategic Implications of Cyberwarfare for the Nation-State'.

Web security researcher, specializing in forum and non-framework exploitation.

Forum/mailing list lurker, information security enthusiast, information security trouble maker and professional script kiddy who has an interest in application security :D

Contests Winners

Receives the Black Badge entitled them for free entrance for next years conference.
WiFi Warrior - Team Alien Paminta members (mon, chaoking and _m3de1_)
Capture The Flag - (To Be Updated)
Badge Decryption Challenge - Daryl Yu - Process Explained here
Hacker Jeopardy - Team Alien Paminta members (mon, chaoking and _m3de1_)



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