December 12, 2009 BayView Hotel, Manila City
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Øwning the K00bface Botnet: by Bandit and Team
Koobface spreads through social networking sites, most prevalently through Facebook. Generally, Koobface relies on social engineering in order to spread. The Koobface message is designed to trick recipients into clicking through to a fraudulent website and either (a) enter their Facebook (or other social networking) credentials or to accept the installation of malware disguised as a video codec or Flash update. .

Hashes N Hi-Res by: wewitsky
Unleashing the GPU beasts via CUDA.

LockPicking: Fingering Locks for Fun by: JollyMongrel (arf arf )
- This presentation is intended to educate and describe the inner workings of common lock mechanisms, methods useful to manipulate locks owned by or under full control of the person taking part of this con, and means to protect themselves from intruders possessing bypass techniques contained herein. The presenter/author makes no claims as to the accuracy of the following information, nor endorses or encourages activities of malevolent intent.

Trusting OpenDNS by: Tikbalang
The Basics of OpenDNS, Pros and Cons.

Wireless Security on the Philippine Setting by: encrypted, aphro and wewitsky
The algorithm WEP uses requires complete synchronization, but data loss is expected in wireless, making it difficult to keep both ends in sync.



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