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September 22-24, 2016

September 22-23, 2017

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ROOTCON 10 Dates

  Posted: 01.06.2016

ROOTCON 10 dates

This year ROOTCON will be celebrating our 10th iteration, so as our way of saying thank you we will be running a 3 day straight conference.

Day Ø Trainings, other games, and parties.
Day 1 Official tracks and CTF.
Day 2 Official tracks and CTF.
Final venue will be posted soon.

Black Badge Policy

  Posted: 11.07.2015

What is a Black Badge?

Black Badge has been adopted from DEF CON, a black badge is one of the highest honors given to the ROOTCON con-goers who proved their elite skills, black badge are also given to people who have significant contributions to the local InfoSec community.

The Black Badge page.

ROOTCON 9: Quick Video

  Posted: 10.08.2015
A quick one minute video to say thank you to our sponsors, con-goers and goons.

The one minute video explains it all how we do awesome-overload at ROOTCON.


A short video of ROOTCON 9.....take a quick look

ROOTCON 9: Thank you

  Posted: 10.07.2015
Another epic ROOTCON event has been nailed in history, not just on the ROOTCON history but a history in the Philippine Information Security industry. This year we took extra leap of challenge, we chose another venue for ROOTCON, it was a very hard turn-point for the ROOTCON logistics as we don't know the challenges ahead, but it turned out to be very epic!!!

This years' ROOTCON 9 has been dubbed as the ROOTCON All Star, we have different speakers and con-goers from around the globe. It wouldn't be possible without the RC Goons, Sponsors, Speakers and of course our awesome con-goers.

Hats down to our ROOTCON Elite Sponsors:

HP Fortify on Demand
Netsuite Security
F5 Networks
Tenable Security
First DataCorp

And to the rest of the sponsors big hugs to you guys.

MISNet Education
PaloAlto Networks
Rapid 7
Pandora Security Labs
Security Matters

and to Smiffnoff Mule for providing us drinks at our epic post-con party.

A quick note: What you get at ROOTCON is what you made ROOTCON for you.

Cheers everyone and see you all next year.

All The Best,
Dark (semprix) Meister


  Posted: 10.07.2015
We've collected pictures of ROOTCON from all over different cameras, we have it recapped for you.

Check it out on our Facebook Fanpage


  Posted: 10.07.2015
Okay so first things first before giving you some highlights about ROOTCON 9, let's try to have a sneak peek on the comments of the attendees about the venue and some cool shots about it.

The @_rootcon_ hotel is pretty epic pic.twitter.com/sGpkXubbE5 — Jason Haddix (@Jhaddix) September 17, 2015

Good morning Manila and #rootcon pic.twitter.com/32MRNg8Hkx — John Menerick (@Lord_SQL) September 18, 2015

It is. RT @Jhaddix: The @_rootcon_ hotel is pretty epic pic.twitter.com/OgNedHJQG2 pic.twitter.com/DUFOkYMYHS — Tikbalang (@tikbalangph) September 20, 2015

More than people turned up to listen to talks on a wide variety of subjects. Aside from Filipino participants, there were also geeks from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, America, India, etc. who attended the event. Cheers to the attendees who flew to the Philippines just to attend ROOTCON.


ROOTCON Video Compilation

  Posted: 04.01.2015
A glimpse of ROOTCON 1-8.


Don't miss the largest geek and hacker gathering in the Philippines....See you at ROOTCON 9

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