Campus Tour 2018
Posted on: 02.23.18

What's up young h4xors! ROOTCON in cooperation with Cebu Institute of Technology - University and PSite 7 will be holding it's Campus Tour 2018 at the Cebu Institure of Technology - University campus. Skinny details below.

When: March 02, 2018 (Registration Starts @ 0800)
Where: Cebu Institute of Technology - University Campus
What: ROOTCON Campus Tour / InfoSec Seminar

Morning Session - InfoSec Seminar with speakers from the ROOTCON Goons.
Afternoon Session - 2nd inter-university Capture The Flag in the Philippines hosted by ROOTCON.

If you wish to join please do register here.

See you there!

Call For Sponsors Is Up
Posted on: 02.07.18

ROOTCON has maintained it's balance between content and affordability this balance won't be possible without our sponsors who are supporting the conference and the infosec and hacking community.

Take part in the Computer Revolution and become a key player in the cyber security transformation in the millennial era. Leverage on this platform to "Learn", "Collaborate" and "Network" with the future CISOs and Information Security practitioners in leading industries. This venue is the avenue where you can share the capability and strengths of your brand in information security.

Head on to the Sponsorship Tier to check which fits your branding exposure. Call For Sponsors will close August 30, 2018.

Blackcard Registration Now Live!
Posted on: 02.05.18

ROOTCON Black card was formerly known as ROOTCON Ambassadors card, the black card is a program created by ROOTCON for the attendees to enjoy yearly discounts and other perks.

Perks offered
1. 20% discount on ROOTCON tickets applicable only on regular rates.
2. 10% off on all official ROOTCON swags.
3. FREE Entrance on ROOTCON Hackerspace activities.
4. FREE drinks at the ROOTCON chill-out area on the day of the event.
5. Priority lane during ROOTCON event check-in.

Upcoming perks
* Exclusive PC, laptops and more discounts (in negotiation with partners)

We are now accepting Blackcard registration, this registration only happens once a year so don't miss your opportunity, to register just follow the link below.

Register Here!

ROOTCON 12 Timeline
Posted on: 01.16.18

With only 200+ days to go ROOTCON 12 is slowly coming to life and plans has been laid out, whether you are joining for the tracks, update your skills with the trainings, join the gruelling contests, hosting a contests or activities or just to meet old and new friends. We are making sure you won't miss a single bit to the ROOTCON 12 road.

Here it is the ROOTCON 12 Timeline

Feb - March - Blackcard Application Opening (Blackcard registration)
April - June - Earlybird Registration (P8,050.00)
June - August - Regular Registration (P9,150.00)
Discounts like Blackcard, Students rate and Group rates will be posted on the registration page.

Call for Chaos
Feb - August - Call For Sponsors
April - June - Call For Papers
April - June - Call For Trainings
April - June - Call For Hosts

Parties & More
July - August - Zero-Hour party registration
July - August - CTF Registration

ROOTCON 12 Theme: Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
Posted on: 12.02.17

Time to gear up and get ROOTCON 12 a kick-off, starting off with our first task the ROOTCON 12 theme.

Event themes will give us the feel and vibe on the conference each year, last year we had Humans meets IoT where we had a vibe of knowing the troubles and insecurities on IoT devices.

This year we thought of giving highlights on the hacker community and the culture it's living, our theme will be Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution which is based from the novel written by Steven Levey, on his novel he discussed about hacker culture and that he thought hackers were fascinating people, adventurers, visionaries, risk-takers and artists rather than what most ordinary nowadays pictured the word "hackers". The look n feel of this years theme will be carrying a Retro and 8-bit feel.


Updated: ROOTCON & Blackhat Asia
Posted on: 11.30.17

Coming together as a hacker family. We are very much stoked to announce that Blackhat Asia and ROOTCON are now community partners. Blackhat will be giving discounts to ROOTCON & Philippine hackinng community.

Blackhat Details
Blackhat Asia will be held on March 20-23, 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore! More details at Blackhat Asia

Use promo code DAX18br to save S$225. Register now!

Main Tracks of ROOTCON 11 is now LIVE on Youtube!!
Posted on: 11.09.17

Stuck for the weekend? Or having a long holiday for the ASEAN Summit, here are some ROOTCON 11 goodies for you to enjoy. Make sure to pass it on.

For those who have bandwidth streaming struggles download it from the media server.

ROOTCON Press: For your reading pleasures
Posted on: 10.22.17

"The perspective of a hacker has gone into the negative, where it's synonymous with criminal.

200 years ago you called us creators and you called us artists, and you called us inventors.

-Jayson E. Street "

One of ROOTCON's vision is to shape and recover the perspective of a hacker, ROOTCON opened its doors to the Press letting them know what we do, what we share, and how the community has helped in the digital landscape.

Know more at the ROOTCON Press Archives

Badge firmware, HOW-TOs and more
Posted on: 10.10.17

ROOTCON Electronic badge started back in 2014, this year we had our 4th electronic badge. Each year the badge is equipt with different features packed with mind boggling crypto and puzzle.

If you are into electronics, Arduino and whatnot this is your thing! This year we made the badge firmware available, packed with HOW-TOs and other badge goodness.

|---[ Greetz from teh g00nz!!!! ]||||=-

##### Main Board - AT644

-LedPin {4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A0, A1}

 -S0   //usb
 -S1   //ESP8266

-Tack Switch:
 -T SW (left)   // Pin 10;
 -T SW (right)  // Pin A2;
Download HERE

Thank you for another great ROOTCON
Posted on: 10.05.17

Another ROOTCON made it to the books! We are very much flattered how the hacking community participated the event.

For the last 10 years we have gotten together with our fellow hackers to share knowledge and enjoy each other’s company by testing our skills and trying to outwit each other during the grueling hacker games and outdrink each other at the parties. It’s been a wild ten years and we can hardly believe that we have breached the decade mark and are now embarking on, what we hope, is the beginning of another decade.

We always strive to make ROOTCON the best conference in the country, best content, top-notched speakers and the bang for the buck.

To all humans a big thanks to you all! For the newbies we hope you enjoyed your first ROOTCON, for our regular con-goers we hope you enjoyed the conference and had another great ROOTCON experience.

To our speakers, you rock big time! The content of ROOTCON wouldn't be the same without you Infosec rockstars!

To our sponsors, a big thanks for giving our event an extra awesomeness!

And to the Goons and volunteers of ROOTCON thank you for your sleepless nights, for your hard-work, and for the awesomeness you always impart to the community.

As early as now we are already brewing something cool for ROOTCON next year! Stay tuned!

Thank you all! See you all next year!

All the best,

Official Hoody
Posted on: 08.25.17

After several years ROOTCON has decided to produce this badass Official ROOTCON Hoody, but wait there's a catch to make it extra special the ROOTCON Shop won't be selling them, there are only two means of getting it.

1. Become a crew at ROOTCON.
2. Win the grueling ROOTCON Capture The Flag.