Network Penetration Testing


With the increasing number of hacks day by day, the requirements of security professionals are increasing as well. This training is aimed at familiarizing cybersecurity enthusiasts, beginners, and devops teams with networking pentesting procedures. The training is completely hands-on with online lab exercises. At the end of this training, you will have a :

- Understanding of common attack vectors.
- Be able to identify security weaknesses in a network and Linux machine.
- Be able to leverage misconfiguration/vulnerability to compromise the machine.
- Familiarity with various attack tools/techniques and understanding of how to use them effectively and when.

Student Requirements:
- Basic knowledge of computers and networking
- Familiarity with the Linux operating system

Target Audience
Junior Pentesters, System Administrators, Developers, and Security Enthusiasts.

Course Content
- Module I: Introduction to Pentesting
- Module II: Tools of Trade
- Module III: Reconnaissance and Scanning
- Module IV: Exploitation
- Module V: Post Exploitation
- Module VI: WiFi Exploitation

About the Trainers
Nishant Sharma is a Security Research Manager at INE where he manages the development of next-generation on-demand labs. Prior to INE, he worked as R&D Head of Pentester Academy (Acquired by INE) where he has led a team of developers/researchers to create content and platform features for AttackDefense. He has also developed multiple gadgets for WiFi pentesting/monitoring such as WiMonitor, WiNX and WiMini. With over 9+ years of experience in development and content creation, he has conducted trainings/workshops at Blackhat Asia/USA, HITB Amsterdam/Singapore, OWASP NZ day, DEFCON USA villages. He has presented/published his work at Blackhat USA/Asia Arsenal, DEFCON USA/China, Wireless Village, Packet Village and IoT village. He has also conducted WiFi Pentesting training at Blackhat USA 2019, 2021. He had started his career as a firmware developer at Mojo Networks (Acquired by Arista) where he worked on new features for the enterprise-grade WiFi APs and maintenance of state-of-the-art WIPS. He has a Master degree in Information Security from IIIT Delhi. He has also published peer-reviewed academic research on HMAC security. His areas of interest include WiFi, Azure and Container security.

Sanjeev Mahunta is a Cloud Software Engineer at INE with a strong background in web, mobile application design and has high proficiency in AWS. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Amity University Rajasthan. He has 2+ years of experience building front-end applications for the web and implementing ERP solutions. Having interned at Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), he has acquired neat skills in application development. His areas of interest include Web Application Security, Serverless Application Deployment, System Design and Cloud.