Hacker Jeopardy

Hacker Jeopardy: F2F Reloaded!

Finally! RootCon's signature post-Con party game is back to good ol' LIVE, in-your-face mental and alcoholic brawls with the contestants! Same classic game mechanics, same pogi host, but new HJ Babes ;-) We also have a special bartender and poison maker this year, Mr. Tipsy Hacker!

To be sober enough to win at the end of this alcohol-binging trivia game.

Game Rules
Hacker Jeopardy is adopted from the US game show, Jeopardy!, but instead of players betting questions with money, they wager alcoholic drinks and earn points. Answer a question correctly, your team earns a point and ALL your opponents drink the wagered booze. But if you get the answer wrong, your team gets some brain cells killed and -10 DEXTERITY by downing the penalty drinks. It's that simple!

When: The craziness happens on September 30
Where: To be announced
Time: Hacker Jeopardy starts 2000HRS
Registration: ₱850.00 (limited drinks and pica) Stay tuned for registration announcement.

Three guaranteed Black Badge that entitles the winner to attend ROOTCON the following year for FREE.

- Ub3r Badge
- CTF Challenge Pin
- Bragging rights
- Hall of Fame mention

Bragging rights for being the first winning team to force-drink the *insert your adjective* Goons.

Hacker Jeopardy has always been the most fun way to start RootCon's after-Con Party. Even if you're not a player, you can join us in the fun, learning and games by watching the Goons and HJ Babes get *insert adverb* drunk for the first time on LIVE video! See you there!