Hacker Jeopardy

Hacker Jeopardy: The Revenge
Virtual Game, Real Fun, Real Booze.

No pandemic can stop the fun and cerebral games of RootCon's signature post-Con Party game, HACKER JEOPARDY! This year it's still the same game mechanics and same handsome host but with a long distance twist. Oh and, yes, HJ Babes will still be part of the game ;-)

To be sober enough to win at the end of this alcohol-binging trivia game.

Game Rules
Hacker Jeopardy is adopted from the US game show, Jeopardy!, but instead of players betting questions with money, they wager alcoholic drinks and earn points. Answer a question correctly, your team earns a point and ALL your opponents drink the wagered booze. But if you get the answer wrong, your team drinks the booze and get some brain cells killed and -10 DEXTERITY. It's that simple!

Unique for this year
1. Online Buzzer -- 5 Teams of 2-3 players each will use an online buzzer platform to overcome a race condition. Highest chance to buzz first goes to the team with fastest Internet connection.

2. Sweet Revenge -- Because the game is now virtual (and we have no budget to ship the Blue Labels to all the players), the Goons and Babes will be drinking the booze instead of the players! Answer the question right and the Goons get drunk. Answer the question wrong and the Babes get drunk. Choose your revenge!

When: The craziness happens on OCT 15 (time to be announced)
Where: Virtual

Three guaranteed Black Badge that entitles the winner to attend ROOTCON the following year for FREE.

- Ub3r Badge
- CTF Challenge Pin
- Bragging rights
- Hall of Fame mention

Bragging rights for being the first winning team to force-drink the *insert your adjective* Goons.

Hacker Jeopardy has always been the most fun way to start RootCon's after-Con Party. Even if you're not a player, you can join us in the fun, learning and games by watching the Goons and HJ Babes get *insert adverb* drunk for the first time on LIVE video! See you there!