ROOTCON 15 will be hybrid this year, catering both physical and virtual attendees.

What is ROOTCON Hybrid?
Hybrid Con can be attended both physically and virtually.

Are the rates for physical and virtual the same?
No, there's a price difference between physical and virtual. We will be announcing the rates once registration goes live.

What are the type of badges?
There will be two types of badges for this year, Human and Human+. Virtual attendees will be receiving Human Conference Kit and will be shipped to you via mail. Shipping costs to domestic (within the Philippines) will be free of charge. For Human badges attending from international locations additional shipping costs will be charged to the attendee.

Human+ attendees will receive their conference kit during the day of the conference.

Will the content be same for physical and virtual?
Not exactly, there are trainings and or talks that are not available to virtual attendees.

Is the Human+ limited?
Yes, to maintain safety and comfort of our attendees we will be limiting the Human+ badges, once we reached our threshold mandated by the hotel we will be closing the registration.

What health protocols is currently in place for Human+ attendees?
The hotel will strictly implement social distancing for all physical attendees, we require that you wear face mask at all times except during meals. Your Human+ registration also covers your antigen swab test prior to entering Pico Sands Hotel. The hotel will be serving plated meals instead of buffet.

I got a positive result during antigen swab test, what will happen?
You will not be allowed to enter Pico Sands Hotel, protocols for positive attendees shall be taken cared of the hotel and LGU for the next steps, you will be provided a virtual link for you to be able to attend virtually. Your Human+ conference kit will be sent to you via mail, shipping costs shall be covered by the attendees.

For your safety and for everyone attending ROOTCON physically we strongly suggest you avoid going out to crowded gatherings two weeks prior to the event.

I'm fully vaccinated, do I need to undergo antigen swab test?
Yes, Covid19 vaccine as per DOH does not prevent you from acquiring the virus, it will only prevent you from getting really sick. So we still require antigen swab test to ensure you are not a carrier.

What if LGU implements stricter lock-downs what will happen?
You will be refunded with the price difference of Human and Human+. You conference kit will be mailed to you. Bank transfer service fees will be deducted to the amount that will be refunded to you.

How do we book at Pico Sands Hotel?
We will be providing booking codes as soon as we open registration. Hotel accommodation terms and condition may apply.

I will be accompanied by someone going to the hotel, he/she will not be attending the conference, will he/she be subject to antigen swab test?
Yes, since there will be close contact that may affect all Human+ participants, you may avail additional antigen swab tests at the Pico Sands Hotel designated Covid19 testing area.

Updated: Mon May 24 09:32:11 PST 2021